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Cars $375+ Trucks/SUVs $400+

 Treat your vehicle to the ultimate luxury with our Platinum Plus Detail service. Our meticulous and comprehensive detailing process will leave your vehicle looking pristine inside and out.

Exterior Detail - Thorough hand wash to remove dirt, grime, and contaminants - Clay bar treatment to remove embedded contaminants for a smooth finish. Polish to eliminate minor swirl marks and enhance gloss - High-quality wax or sealant application for long-lasting protection -Premium tire shine and wheel cleaning for a polished look.

Interior Detail - Deep cleaning of all surfaces including dashboard, door panels, and center console - Leather cleaning and conditioning to restore and protect 

Exterior Detailing Service Includes:



  √ Premium Hand Wash & Blow Dry

  √ Clay bar Treatment 

  √ Iron Remover to Remove Embedded Contaminants in the Clearcoat

  √ Wheels, Wheel Wells, Tires

√ Remove Bugs & Road Grime

  √ Premium Polish

  √ Premium Sealant 

  √ Premium Tire Shine

  √ Clean Windows & Mirrors

Interior Detailing Services Includes:


  √ Air Purge Cracks & Crevices

  √ Clean All Vinyl & Leather Surfaces

  √ Clean & Detail Dashboard, Consoles & Door Panels

  √ Vacuum Upholstery, Mats and Carpet

  √ Detail All Cracks & Crevices

  √ Condition Vinyl & Leather Surfaces

  √ Clean Windows, Mirrors, Gauges and Jambs 

Price range may vary based on the size and condition of vehicle

*As Requested Heated Extraction/Shampoo is additional*

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