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PRICE- Cars $125+ Trucks/SUVs $150+ 

Our Premium Exterior Detail Package includes basic detailing of the exterior to bring some life back into your vehicle! This process starts with an extensive premium hand wash followed up with a machine wax for additional gloss and up to 3 months of protection. Special attention is given to wheels, wheel wells, cracks, and crevices.. Got a black vehicle? – no problem! We specialize in them and know how to make black paint SHINE! We only use the best products that are safe for the environment and your vehicle.

Exterior Detailing Service Includes:


  √ Premium Hand Wash & Blow Dry

√ Air Purge Cracks & Crevices

  √ Clean Wheels, Wheel Wells & Tires

  √ Remove Tar & Road Grime

  √ Premium Machine Wax 

  √ Dress Tires & Trim

  √ Clean Windows & Mirrors

Price range is based on the size of the vehicle and the condition.

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