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Price: W/ Spray Wax-Cars $225+ Trucks/SUVs $250+

Our Platinum Detailing Package includes a deep interior cleaning and exterior detail topped with a premium spray wax for some additional gloss and basic protection. This process starts with an extensive hand wash using high quality products, mitts, and towels to prevent any swirling or scratches. A machine wax is the best bang for your buck, especially if you own a black or dark colored vehicle. Unlike spray wax, applying the wax with a polisher removes slight oxidation, minor swirling, and paint scuffs, leaving your car looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor! Special attention is given to wheels, windows, consoles, and leather surfaces.

Exterior Detailing Service Includes:



  √ Premium Hand Wash & Blow Dry

  √ Wheels, Wheel Wells, Tires

  √ Premium Spay Wax

  √ Remove Bugs & Road Grime

  √ Tire Shine

  √ Clean Windows & Mirrors

Interior Detailing Services Includes:


  √ Air Purge Cracks & Crevices

  √ Clean All Vinyl & Leather Surfaces

  √ Clean & Detail Dashboard, Consoles & Door Panels

  √ Vacuum Upholstery, Mats and Carpet

  √ Detail All Cracks & Crevices

  √ Condition Vinyl & Leather Surfaces

  √ Clean Windows, Mirrors, Gauges

Price range may vary based on the size and condition of vehicle

*As Requested Heated Extraction/Shampoo is additional*

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