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Price: $250 - $300

It’s a known fact that clean and shiny vehicles sell faster than dull and dirty ones. It’s another known fact that not only will your car sell faster if it looks great, but you will get a lot closer to your asking price than trying to pawn off a dusty ride! Our “Sell Your Car Package” consists of all the things you need to get the most value out of your sale/trade in.

Engine Cleaning Service Include:

√ Clean Engine Compartment & Hood Underside
√ Dress Black Trim & Hoses
√ Looks Presentable & Increases Resale Value

Exterior Detailing Services Include:

√ Premium Hand Wash & Ultra Soft Towel Dry

√ Clean Wheels, Tires & Wheel Wells

√ Machine Wax

√ Dress Tires & Trim

√ Clean Windows & Mirrors

Interior Detailing Services Include:

√ Vacuum & Air Purge Interior

√ Clean Dash & Vinyl Trim

√ Shampoo Carpets, Seats & Mats

√ Dress Vinyl/Leather

√ Clean Windows & Mirrors

√ Apply Interior Fragrance

√ * Remove Smoke Odor w/ Ozone Machine Optional* (Additional $50-$75)

Price range is based on the size of the vehicle and the condition.

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