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Price: $200 - $300

Our Platinum Auto Detailing Package includes everything in the basic package plus we machine wax your vehicle with a premium wax for additional gloss and up to 3 months of basic protection.


Exterior Detailing Service Includes:

√ Premium Hand Wash & Ultra Soft Towel Dry
√ Scrub Wheels, Wheel Wells, Tires
√ Remove Tar & Road Grime
√ Machine Wax
√ Dress Tires & Trim 
√ Clean Windows & Mirrors

Interior Detailing Services Includes:

√ Air Purge & Vacuum Interior
√ Clean Vinyl & Leather Surfaces
√ Clean & Detail Dashboard, Console & Door Panels
√ Detail All Cracks & Crevices
√ Condition Vinyl & Leather Surfaces
√ Clean Windows, Mirrors & Gauges

Price range is based on the size of the vehicle and the condition.

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