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Price: Cars $325+ Trucks/Suvs $350+

Looking for a step above our Basic Platinum Package? Our Platinum Pro Package goes the extra mile to bring more life out of your paint with a one-step sealant that will remove minor oxidation, swirls, and imperfections while leaving you with six to nine months of protection against the suns damaging UV rays and weather conditions. All black trim will also get dressed to restore the original beauty.


Exterior Detailing Service Includes:

√ Premium Hand Wash & Blow Dry
√ Wheels, Wheel Wells, Tires
Remove Bugs & Road Grime

 Chemical Decontamination (Iron Remover)

√ Machine Applied One-Step Sealant
√ Premium Tire Sealant

√ Trim Restoration (up to 1yr)

√ Clean Windows & Mirrors

Interior Detailing Services Includes:

√ Air Purge & Vacuum Interior
√ Clean All Vinyl & Leather Surfaces
√ Clean & Detail Dashboard, Console & Door Panels
√ Detail All Cracks & Crevices
√ Condition Vinyl & Leather Surfaces
√ Clean Windows, Mirrors & Gauges

Price range is based on the size of the vehicle and the condition.

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